Finger-Yoga: Schluss mit Stress & Schmerzen

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Day 3 of #MarchMudraChallenge is "Shakti Mudra" - DREAMS. This magical mudra is said to help us overcome insomnia, to sleep well, and to have luminous vivid and insightful dreams. It is dedicated to Shakti, the Goddess of vitality and primal life energy, the creatrix who dreams up our world. To do this mudra wrap your thumb into your pointer fingers and extend your ring and pinky fingers. Bring the hands together and hold them either at your 3rd eye, your heart center, or low belly. Enjoy! ✨✨✨✨ This is the #MarchMudraChallenge on Instagram! Join us March 12th–21st for a 10 day exploration of the power & magic of MUDRAS: Special hand positions that activate our inherent potential for healing, transformation, and spiritual growth. Play to learn more about mudras and to just have fun! Three Lucky Winners will receive one of the following PRIZES: (1) $100 OFF on the “Spring Renewal Retreat” with @sonyayoga featuring yoga, meditation, sound healing, and hot springs in beautiful Northern California April 28th - May 1st! (2) A FREE pass to “Awaken Your Chakra Connection” an incredible on-line series of chakra activating practices created by the brilliant @cristi_christensen. (3) A gorgeous "Sunlight Upon Snow" mala necklace dedicated to the primordial Goddess Parā Devi from @amritacreations by @tamara_vodovoz. Ready to get started? RULES TO PLAY: 1 – FOLLOW all of your Hosts/Sponsors: @cristi_christensen @sonyayoga @allieerae @greta_hill @tamara_vodovoz @erdincraimyoga @amritacreations 2 – RE-POST the challenge announcement picture and tag your friends who love the practices of yoga! 3 – POST your version of the Mudra of the Day for all 10 days. The post photo can be of just your hands, or of your whole body while holding the mudra. Name the Mudra and feel free to share your personal experience with it. Be creative! 4 – TAG all of our hosts/sponsors in each of your daily posts. 5 – TAG all your posts with the hashtag #MarchMudraChallenge 6 - Enjoy! #yoganow #yogaeverydamnday #shaktimudra #shakti #yogadaily #yogapose #yogahands #mudra #mudras #yogapractice #yogatribe #yogamagic #yogainspiration #inspiredyogis

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2. Shakti-Mudra

Diese Übung richtet sich gegen Unruhe - wenn du dich also mal nervös oder aufgeregt fühlst oder Einschlafprobleme hast, umschließe deinen Daumen mit Zeige- und Mittelfinger und berühre mit Ring- und kleinem Finger die der anderen Hand. Vielleicht merkst du sofort, dass du anders atmest: Dein Körper geht gezielt gegen deine Unruhe vor. Mache das aber nicht mehr als 3x am Tag, ansonsten fährt dein Körper zu sehr runter.